Welcome to the completely unofficial home page of War and Society studies at Wright State University. Here, and on our (equally unofficial) Facebook page, we will keep our friends and guests apprised of what we’re up to. Announcements about the program, about upcoming lectures and other events, special projects our students are undertaking, course offerings each and every semester, and descriptions of new course offerings…all will be announced here first.

On the Blog page, we (meaning mostly me, Dr. Lockhart) will post short articles from time to time and highlight the work of our graduate students.

The course of study in War and Society at Wright State is a new one. Currently, the History Department’s graduate program offers coursework leading to the M.A. degree in History with a choice of four (or five, really) concentrations: Public History, American History, War & Society, Public History/War & Society, and — you guessed it — none of the above. Our War & Society concentration allows graduate students to pursue either a traditional MA with thesis or a “course-intensive” terminal MA, with coursework embracing both military history and broader war-related topics. Our Public History/War & Society “hybrid” is a first, so far as we can tell. It combines our well-regarded and well-established Public History program with a focus on war-related topics, designed for students who are especially interested in pursuing a career in museums, historic sites, or archives with a substantial military history component.

But we’re more than just a graduate program. Starting this academic year, we also offer an undergraduate minor in War and Society, too.

We’re new, but we’re already attracting talented students, and we’re eager to move forward. Please come back often to check on what we’re doing.

Paul Lockhart, PhD.

Coordinator, War & Society

Department of History, Wright State Universitydanes with krags

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