Welcome to the semi-official home-on-the-web for the program in War & Society Studies at the Department of History, Wright State University!

We’re a brand-new program, actually. Not the History Department, not even our MA program in history, which includes a dynamic and successful Public History program; those have been around for a while. It’s the War & Society part that’s new. Effective right now — spring semester 2013 — students in the MA program at Wright State can elect to focus on the history of war, broadly defined.

That’s not entirely new, of course. Military history programs abound nowadays, and it seems that every history department in the US has a military historian, even it’s just someone who offers a course or two on the Civil War or WW2. I like to think that we can actually do a lot better than that at Wright State. We do offer coursework in “traditional” military history (whatever that is). In fact, I teach mostly military history, and the same thing goes for one of my colleagues. But what we offer isn’t just military history, but courses (and real expertise) in the impact of war on society, on the history of organized violence…and I think it almost goes without saying that the history of organized violence is distressingly parallel to history in general. So, if you take a look at the courses we offer, and the research we do, you’ll run into the history of genocide, conflict in the modern Middle East, the impact of WW1 on British culture, the role of religion in conflicts in post-Reformation Europe, the history of military technology and tactics, the history of strategic thought and American foreign policy…and a lot more besides. We in the history faculty are very excited by this new direction our department is taking. This blog is just a very small part of that.

Please keep checking back. Although I have my own personal blog, I’ll be using this one to post material of interest to our grad students and potential grad students. As things move along, I intend to solicit posts from our students and give them a chance to show off. Stay tuned!

About Paul Lockhart

I'm a history professor at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio...and I write books about history.
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