Fall 2014: Welcome back, Wright State W&S students!!!

george matthews harding sept 1918We’ve got a big year ahead of us. Here’s a few highlights:

*new War and Society concentration: the long-awaited (well, not really that long) War & Society/Public History “hybrid” concentration! Now PH students can specialize in military-related topics, too, and like W&S thesis/course-intensive students, that accomplishment will be specially denoted on the transcript. Plus, like W&S, you can pick it as your concentration when you apply on-line. Still in approval stages, but should be official by the end of this semester!

*World War I! World War I! World War I! Like many colleges and universities world-wide, we’ll be commemorating the centennial of the Great War. And at Wright State, the commemoration will be a big one. A concert series, a lecture series, films…and that’s just this year. A major, long-term exhibit on “Dayton in the Great War” is in the works, to be hosted by Dayton History/Carillon Park starting in early 2016, and Dr. Lockhart is working on a documentary film on the same subject. This deserves its own post, and it will get one. In the meantime, check out Dayton in the Great War.

*For undergrads: a minor in War & Society. Should be approved and ready-to-go by the end of the Fall Semester 2014.

About Paul Lockhart

I'm a history professor at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio...and I write books about history.
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