Affiliated faculty

The members of our department have research and teaching interests that span the globe. They include:

P.D. Lockhart (Professor and Coordinator, War & Society program; Ph.D., Purdue, 1989): European and American military history; military technology and weaponry; early modern Europe; Scandinavia.

Jonathan Reed Winkler (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Yale, 2004): US foreign relations; modern military and naval history; international history; strategic studies.

Susan Carrafiello (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1992; Director, WSU Honors Program): Italy; modern Europe; modern France.

Awad Halabi (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Toronto, 2006): modern Middle East.

Carol Engelhardt Herringer (Professor and Chair; Ph.D., Indiana, 1997): early modern and modern Britain.

Noeleen McIlvenna (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Duke, 2004): Colonial America; British Empire; Atlantic world; American Revolution.

Kathryn Meyer (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Temple, 1985): Asian history; China and Japan.

Opolot Okia (Assistant Professor; Ph.D., West Virginia, 2002): Africa; Colonial Africa; slave trade.

Christopher Oldstone-Moore (Lecturer and Assistant to the Chair for Graduate Studies; Ph.D., Chicago, 1992): modern Britain; British Empire; gender and masculinity.

Sean Pollock (Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Harvard, 2006): Imperial Russia; comparative empires.

John Sherman (Professor; Ph.D., Arizona, 1994): Latin America; genocide.

Roy Vice (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Chicago, 1984): church history; Reformation; European expansion.

For more detailed biographies, or to find faculty email addresses, click here.

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